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Between the Road and the Urban Forest

145cm (W) x 95cm (H)
Acrylic paint on canvas

$ 4,400.00


A figure in the Urban-Scape
A hot summer’s day in Melbourne. A foreground figure of a boy on his pushbike, creating a spatial relationship between the urban forest strip and the road.

Inspired by the urban forest strip which is in close proximity to the road and cars.

This urban forest strip is located between Kerferd Road and Fraser Street in Middle Park.

Revegetation and a ‘treetopia’ to help break down and trap the containment and toxins in the urban air.

Our sense of Place reflects our historical and experiential knowledge of Place and helps us understand the present and imagine the future.

A central figure of a boy forms the narrative and is central to the painting.

By creating a spatial relationship, the colour and shape converge to an infinitely distant vanishing point as it recedes in space away from the viewer.

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