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Metal print

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Male & Female Flowers
Do all flowers have male and female parts? It seems the answer is NO. Some flowers have separate male and female parts, while some have both male and female parts in a single flower.

The practise of giving flowers dates far in our history. The Victorian era holds the record for the most interesting ‘floriography.’ During this period, verbally expressing emotions was not considered noble. So, instead of saying how they felt, Victorians used flowers to communicate their emotions. The arrangement presented embodied the sender’s intention.
In the same way, this work represents a coded message for the viewer to decipher.
Today, flowers still convey a special meaning. The language of flowers is as important now as it was in the past. The idea of visually grafting these flowers presents the viewers with a metaphor for different types of social and political relationships. I'm interested in the idea of a diverse range of social and political bonds that pose different questions concerning our human differences. A connection that stems from one common source.

02/07/2022 JH Created

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