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City Route

52cm (W) x 35cm (H) x 2.5cm (D)
Acrylic paint on canvas on board

$ 1,100.00


Urbanscape - Middle Park
Generations of contemporary artists have been inspired by the legendary show to produce their own iterations, not necessarily in style but by adopting the 9” X 5” dimensions.

The 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition (1889) is now regarded as a landmark event in Australian art history. This work reflects the local character of Place and pays tribute to the Heidelberg School artists such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Frederick McCubbin.

Most of the works included in the Impression Exhibition were painted on wooden cigar-box lids, measuring 9” X 5”. To emphasise the small size of paintings, the artists displayed them in broad chamfered frames.

The chamfered frame surrounding this work was specially made to order by a talented woodworker friend.

The painting’s location is at the Middle Park tram stop overlooking the converted MART Cafe (TRAM spelled backwards) burned down about 3 years ago. Since then, it has been reconstructed but has not reopened for business yet.

NOTE:  Art Work Surrounded by hand-painted solid wood chamfered frame.

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