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Coastal Q R Code 2014 - 2021

92cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Acrylic paint, collage and interactive QR Code on canvas

$ 3,850.00


The Blue Economy
The cafe's by the Bay, lucrative commercial ventures and our urban ocean's health has inspired this work. Do our urban processes extend into our local ocean?

The dolphins symbolically represent harmony, balance and cooperation. Their playful nature is a reminder that we need to approach life with humour and joy.

The QR Code has popped up everywhere during the Pandemic, prompting interaction and engagement through the mobile phone. Another symbol of our instant and fast information' highway'.

As the final varnish was completed over the painting's surface, I was surprised to see that the QR Code still worked under the final varnish coat. As a result, this painting has acquired an unexpected interactive input.

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