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Shifting The Edge, July 2022


167cm (W) x 71cm (H)
Acrylic paint and fabric collage on canvas

$ 4,400.00


Middle Park cafe run
The past pandemic restrictions put the spotlight on public spaces and outdoor fitness stations in Middle Park, where I live. 

On the edge of the footpath is the inspiration behind Deliverance.
Appropriating the work of Keith Haring, ‘Untitled Dance’ from 1987, I could tap into some primal energy of the hard-at-work exercises I observed on Beaconsfield Parade while on a walk.
This energy is transformed further through comics employed as a rhythmic pattern. These comics represent a widespread culture of superheroes that battled and always defended the protagonists. Comics gave their heroes formidable enemies to confront.
In real life, many of us know how hard it is to have confronted and fought an invisible danger.
Working with collage, I have combined visual elements to create a new image that conveys new concepts. A new meaning in a new context has the job to subvert perceptions. Wholly built from fragments of daily life.

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