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Float Gently In The Air (Framed)

45cm (W) x 33cm (H)
Acrylic paint on 300gsm Reeves paper

$ 1,100.00


Danceing to the tune of Nature
Shapes and primary colours are surrounded by black contours reflecting my interest in motion, mood and urban nature.

The veil thrown up in the air adds an extra dimension to the choreography- a flowing movement in the air, framing and integrating with the tree’s canopy. The arms create a bigger movement while the veil floats to catch the air, rising to a new perspective above the ground.
Shapes and primary colours are outlined with black contours. Here I explore the relationship between colour and line to create harmony. Architectural features and nature strip markers create a sense of perspective or distance. The focus is the unity between the figure and the tree.

01/02/2023 JH Created

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