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Green Zone Of Morning

42cm (W) x 29.7cm (H)
Acrylic paint on Reeves 300gsm paper

$ 900.00


Local Life with Trees
Local life glances through the roof shapes and silhouettes of houses, fences, and cars. The nature strip trees stand vertically dominant as if guarding the territory. 

Colour, line and tone are united. The sky is held together with a sense of bold gravity.
The man-made urban environment appears vanishingly small next to the presence of the natural realm. The emphasis on a bold palette creates an intentional sense of drama and focus.

Location: corner of Erskin Street and Nimmo Street, nature strip, Middle Park, situated near the corner bench.

Inspired by the evergreen Chinese Photinia tree, protected by the Brush Box tree behind it. The Chinese Photinia requires minimum attention once it has matured. This tree doesn't require much water and can tolerate drought.

The Brush Box tree is native to Australia. It is resistant to pollution, disease and pests.

31/08/2022 JH Created 

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