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Leaves That Touch The Sky

77cm (W) x 57cm (H)
Acrylic paint on Fabriano Artistico 640gsm paper

$ 2,000.00


Urban Tree
For me, the entire twelve spectrum colours, the primary colours, the complementary colour, and the tonal hues of light and dark are like the drums that vibrate with sound.

The colour that integrates stimulates our energy and interaction - how far can I take the sensation of colour? This work on paper creates its own ‘dance’ through the isolation of shape and acceleration of primary colour. A tree as a central figure becomes the principal character influencing the urban narrative.

Location: Canterbury Road Middle Park, nature strip, opposite Middle Park Tram stop and the Middle Park Urban Forest.

Inspired by the American Elm tree and the surrounding border of African-Lily. The American Elm is ornamental and shade-providing tree.

The African Lily is resistant to almost all pests and diseases.

02/04/2023 JH Created

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