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Life Still...


120cm (W) x 92cm (H)
Acrylic paint and collage on canvas

Port Phillip Urban Ocean
The concept of the urban ocean and the city began in 2014 which subsequently completed in 2021, responding to the Australian love of city life by the coast.

Cafes have played a central role in redesigning the public realm in recent times. The relationship between the still life on this table alludes to the recommended 1.5 meters social distancing. It is an inherently spatial relationship between new protocols for food safety and sanitation in our post-pandemic future.

The disappearance of reusable items on the tables at restaurants and cafes have vanished during COVID. No longer sharing of high-touch menus condiments and any other food containers. Instead, we saw the disposable or digital menus and single-serving condiments.

As the ‘new normal’ has taken shape, I found this lone vase of flowers during my morning walks that has remained at the cafe’s table’s edge. Like a tabletop ‘garden’ it is a humble reminder of urban nature still alive despite restrictions.