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Los Vencejos

30cm (W) x 30cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Acrylic on linen

$ 1,100.00


Abstract movement
Each morning and evening Swifts wheel in flight and perform arial acrobatics in the central courtyards of Barcelona’s city blocks

Artist Statement

My paintings are conceptual, process-based abstractions focusing on issues of luminosity, the nature of edge and the structure of space, the movement between light and dark and the interaction between uncertainty and order. In my analysis of visual experience I work with small differences, simplified form, repetition and a restricted palette. My aim is to synthesis one or more ideas, reducing them to their essential elements and presenting them as non-objective abstractions.

Artist Statement

Since graduating with a MA Fine Arts (Research) in 2001, I have worked continuously as an artist and have exhibited regularly in both solo, duo and group shows. As well as having been included in curated exhibitions in public galleries, my work has been shortlisted for major art prizes and is held in a number of collections. Please go to www.magdacebokli.com.au for full details.

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