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Out for a Walk

50.8cm (W) x 50.8cm (H)
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

$ 990.00


The urban environment.
Colour, line, pattern and shape provide an urban perspective into the notion of the everyday. At a distance, walking the dog transforms into the extraordinary at the pedestrian crossing.

What constitutes people’s daily life during our lockdown in Melbourne? Aesthetic consideration is thoroughly integrated into the daily activity of walking the dog. With a distinctive form of painting, an aesthetic concern permeates everyday life through the use of bold colour and structure. Colour in this work is employed as a vehicle to establish a relationship between the spectator and the painting.

I have an increasing interest in capturing moments in the urban environment with the aim of showing who we are through fragments of local life.

The viewer is confronted with a relatable image; it’s intended to open a path of dialogue with the artwork.

Through colour, the re-invention of the everyday life view, suggests the birth of a new order that challenges what is taken for granted.

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