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Paul Cox

76cm (W) x 56cm (H)

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Paul Cox Portrait
Portrait drawing of the late Film Director Paul Cox, who was interested in exploring the small-scale interior landscapes of longing, regret and memory.

Director Paul Cox's working drawing was my first attempt at portraiture and informed the subsequent oil on canvas portrait painting 180 X 120 cm.

The first sitting was in Paul Cox's upstairs office in Albert Park while talking to another guest in the room. There were posters of his films all around such as "A Man Of Flowers" and "My First Wife". His smoking pipe always in hand, creating a little smoke and a pleasant aroma. On his table were a few coffee mugs, and at an artist's discretion, I included the film industry's popular 'bible' magazine called Cinema Papers. The magazine folded in 2001. This painting was positively reviewed in The Australian newspaper by the late art critic Elwyn Lynn.

The portrait found itself into Paul Cox's art collection, and I was told that it was hung in his hallway.

As a thank you (and totally unexpected), Paul Cox gave me one of his framed photographic masterpieces, the first of his works which symbolised (as he explained) his transition from photography to the realm of the moving image. It is forever cherished.

Paul's iconic property in Albert Park was sold after his death in 2016.

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