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Scooter Girl

25.4cm (W) x 20.32cm (H)
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

$ 550.00


Middle Park Village neighborhood Centre
Girl with a scooter and her dog waiting patiently on the footpath while her mother is shopping in the Middle Park’s corner store

When you wait for someone, you spend time doing very little. Patience is a hard thing to master and this little girl looked as if she was in full control. I was inspired by the display of fresh flowers in large jars placed on the bench table on the footpath. In the foreground an unprecedented resurgence of flowers from Australian farmers.

Yellow colour of the flowers instigated this colour palette. Yellow the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum. It’s the colour of optimism at a time of our great global concern. Pink dominates this painting, a colour that ‘lives’ between red and white. Pink takes all the energy of red and tempers it with purity of white, leaving us with the colour of tenderness and affection .

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