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Sports Coupe’

30cm (W) x 42cm (H)
acrylic paint on paper

$ 440.00


Rachel Rovay | Artist
Urban Landscape with Cyclist
Modes of transport and the great urban exercise, a relationship based on function. Art and advertising draw from each other in ways we may not always recognise.

For me, an empty road is a powerful device for visualising social change.

I decide to show a collection of works on paper in the February exhibition from 2005 with the cyclist as the thematic focus. On the footpath, a pushbike rider returning home just around the corner.

Today there has been a corresponding boom in demand for bicycles, laying the foundation for a different conception and mobility.

The idea of bicycles on the quite empty roads around us presents us with an almost utopian counter-image of a different, slower, calmer social order that is well within our reach.

Created with love
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