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Take A Seat, Professor Damien Kingsbury

113.5cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic paint on cut-out panel board

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Prof Damien Kingsbury Portrait
Professor Damien Kingsbury was the director of the Master of International and Community Development, held a personal Chair and was Professor of International Politics until he retired from Deakin University at the end of 2020

Deakin University Art Collection
Selected for the Hidden Faces exhibition at the Hilton South Warf 2015.

Artist Statement 

Professor Kingsbury is an Australian Academic specialising in international political issues. He held a Personal Chair at Deakin University and he was also a regular contributor, discussing global affairs on the ABC, 774's, Jon Faine radio program 'The world according to Damien'. He has written and published numerous books relating to regional politics and is also a passionate motorcycle rider.

I initially connected with Damien as a teenager in the early seventies while attending high school. He later caught my attention as a regular commentator on the ABC morning radio program with Jon Faine. As you do in the 21st century I then reconnected with him through Facebook where a more personal narrative unfolded. The portrait I have painted is informed by the ambiguity between his academic life and a love/passion of motorbikes and the bikie sensibility. I have cheekily played with his Deakin University title 'Personal Chair' and him sitting on his Harley-Davidson outside the ABC studios.

Damien was a shy and cute boy in school, so I was pleasantly surprised by his incredible transformation. I admire how he articulates his vast knowledge on politics and art. He is a wonderful example of how a person can so profoundly evolve.

Additional Comments

At the commencement of the painting of the Damien Kingsbury portrait, Rachel Rovay was approached by film producer John Hipwell and his Director Jorike Verlaan to film “a making of” short film.  This process entailed filming at the Rovay studio with sequences including scenes with Damien being drawn, painted and “carved out”.  Also numerous additional shots of Damien on his Harley Davidson, on the footpath outside the ABC studios, at the ABC with Jon Fain, in his Man Shed, at Deakin University and on the road (Mad Max-style) were expertly captured to create “The Artist’s Choice”.  The behind the scenes film, including the intriguing Rovay cut-out painting process, is a fitting testament to the 2015 Rovay portrait of Kingsbury.  This 5-minute film can be viewed on this web site - Gallery _ Videos