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The Birds Who Leap To Fly (Totem)

40cm (W) x 136cm (H)
Acrylic paint on paper on shaped foam board and collage

$ 3,300.00


The Urban resonance
A crystallisation of line, shape and colour in my work marks an urban encounter and an urban resonance. 

This shaped assemblage paper construction has evolved and infinitely moulded, emerging entirely unrecognisable in an object-like, sculptural totem form.
A literal expansion upwards as if looking at the environment with a leap of faith. Finally, emerging as a bird totem like a free-form launching pad that is simultaneously image and object; the composition is as much condensed as it is freely drawn and shaped.
Like the birds who sing their way into our environment, this work shifts towards rhythms that flow from multiple motifs, materials and states of transit.

22/07/02 Created

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