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The Breeze That Blows Through

29.7cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Acrylic paint on Reeves 300gsm paper

$ 330.00


Local Urban Space
A new feeling after covid, the outdoor dining experience has shaped the distinctive character and atmosphere of our local village. 

So, we draw breath, recover, reset and work out what our new local ‘normal’ looks like, and what is needed from our input to make it happen.
In this work, we move relatively free of restriction. The community remains within us as a sort of imprinting like an inner core that could not be erased.
Alfresco dining, a sunny day under the umbrella canopy, a glass of wine accompanied by a Middle Park breeze that we know so well. The feeling of life and movement is created here through colour, pattern and distant botanical presence.
Location: Armstrong Street, The Victorian Wine Centre.

31/08/2022 JH Created 

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