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The Gentleman Of Olympus (Apollo) ‘22-’23

91cm (W) x 91cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Acrylic paint and fabric collage on canvas

$ 5,500.00


Mythic Apollo
Mythic Apollo is an image of consciousness to dispel the darkness. He represents the spirit of the future, hope and clarity of daylight. 

Mythic images spring from the human imagination and describe human experiences in a poetic language. The archetypal nature of mythology strikes and reflects our shared experiences. In this painting, I created a connection between events of the present and images of the past. We have many experiences again and again on different levels at different times of life. When we encounter an Apollo-like spirit, we are armed with foresight, purpose and faith in the striving human spirit. Music lifts and speaks with a transpersonal voice, crossing cultures while saying yes to life even in its strangest and most complex problems.

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