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The New Movie

60.5cm (W) x 45cm (H)
Acrylic paint on canvas

$ 1,980.00


St Kilda Tram Stop
At the tram stop in St Kilda, like a stage upon which our urban life's drama unfolds. How do we experience and use our urban environment?

The intensity of urban encounter may magnify our sense of these spaces, or cause us to miss them altogether. The experience I have of urban spaces is often acknowledged as a negotiation between Place, colour and shape.

The surreal relationship between advertisements on trams and the urban 'wildlife', caught my interest in creating this composition.

The tram is now a large billboard that can capture the attention of a vast audience. But this audience so far is the viewing avian neighbours. How do the artificial concrete and steel ecosystems of cities support any birds? How do birds cope and adapt to habitat loss, pollution and interaction with people?

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