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Urban Realm, February 2022

Vertical Nature III

38cm (W) x 57cm (H)
Acrylic paint on shaped panel board

$ 800.00


Urban landscape
Shaped paintings break away from the traditional rectangular shape of paintings.I use an electric tool to cut out each shape and extricated it from its rectangular confines. 

I am enamoured with the inherent power of colour and shape. It is as if a life force of shapes have brought composition to life.
Referencing still life compositions by Fernand Leger, the cafe vertical nature/garden triptych was conceived.
This triptych is inspired by the communal still life that often adorns the urban cafe tables. The still life we never really think about, still life randomly or accidentally arranged on the tables. They are encoded and marked for our subsequent use. The plants cling, grip and climb, and the objects suppress and evoke an urban narrative.
Shared still life and nature serve as a symbolic reminder of our time in the everyday urban arena.