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Windshield Covered with Pollen

122cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic paint on canvas

$ 3,850.00


Urban Landscape - Middle Park
A cafe on the footpath as it looked back in 2013. A view of Armstrong Street, Middle Park, where a new business, Gum Tree Grocery Store, is now located.

Available for purchase from a private collection.

The location in this painting is on the corner of Armstrong Street and Richardson Street Middle Park.

Painted in 2013, the cafe at the time sold fruit and vegetables in wooden crates on the footpath. There was a roll of plastic bags on the side of the crate allocated for the use of each purchaser. There were round tables, decorative chairs and a large communal wooden table to sit at. You could just park your car, walk over to the pedestrian crossing to the other side, find a table, sit and enjoy the local cafe’s offerings as the autumn leaves gathered on the footpath and around your feet—the urban lifestyle.  The footpath’s outdoor furniture has altered with the introduction of a new business, but that enchanted atmosphere is still present on that corner as we emerge out of lockdown.  A place and locale that has continued to inspire my work for the past decade or so.

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