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Road Space, December 2021

An Awful Lot of Motor for a Small Package, Volkswagen Polo GTI 2005 (Framed)

47cm (W) x 37cm (H)
Monotype - printed twice, first in block ink and a second layer with oil pastel transfer

$ 550.00


Modern Volkswagen Motor Vehicle
Our urban areas have been built around cars, and large spaces were set aside within our infrastructure for roads and parking.

The monotype print has been inspired by images of cars derived from books that I borrowed from my local library. I was fascinated by how each car acquired its own personality to convey advertising messages.

Influenced by Gauguin’s transfer drawing technique, each monotype is a double-sided work with a drawing on one side (the verso), block ink and oil pastel is transferred to the other side (the recto). The attractive textural qualities of this image making can only be achieved using the monotype process. For me, it is a painter’s delight.

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