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Middle Park Now - Choreography Of Colour, And Everything Else Is Now, Now, Now, May-June 2023

Dance In The Kaleidoscope

42cm (W) x 29.7cm (H)
Acrylic paint on 300gsm Reeves paper

$ 900.00


Colour and Movement
Harmonic colour and movement create the pattern of this dance. The dancer creates a response to nature and aesthetic stimuli to dance. 

Hands hold the veil that shapes the dance until the body gracefully floats across the nature strip, then settles on the ball of the feet rooted like a tree into the ground. Dance like ‘waves’ of energy; I travel through the vertical tree, the horizontal ground and sagittal axes that vibrate through the choreography of line, shape and colour.

01/02/2023 JH Created

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