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Middle Park Now - Choreography Of Colour, And Everything Else Is Now, Now, Now, May-June 2023

Line Of Figure Eight (Framed)

45cm (W) x 33cm (H)
Acrylic paint on 300gsm Reeves paper

$ 1,100.00


The infinite Life Cycle
Figure Eight in dance symbolically represents the infinite life cycle, death and rebirth. The artist dances in celebration of the urban tree. 

Dressed in a flowing dancing costume, I begin the choreography by emphasising the Figure Eight composition.
The Figure Eight sequence comprises two circles flowing together as one; balance and duality, opposite and unification. Responding to the Juniper tree on the nature strip, I echo its shape and shifting structure: keeping the ribcage and shoulders motionless, I use isometric contraction of the upper and mid-back to create half circles motion of the hips.
Here colour and line dance to the rhythm of an urban strum.
Location: Juniper tree near the phone box, on the nature strip, Canterbury Road, Middle Park.

01/02/2023 JH Created

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