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220301 The Well of the Worlds

Herstory - Second Wave, March 2022

1 Mar 2022 - 31 Mar 2022
This body of work represents the story of the past two decades and a form of collective and personal memory: embryos, umbilical cords, birth, motherhood, relationships. A clue to the materials, symbolism, art form of youth, art and parenthood. A visual history can provide a sense of identity that touches on present-day issues. Can we view the world today with more complete perspectives and better understanding from youth to maturity? The eye can recognise the aesthetics of each work, taking time to see the main essence. Why is history important, and how can it benefit the future?

Artworks in Exhibition

This month we are celebrating precisely two years since we opened the Rovay Gallery intended to connect with the local community during COVID-19. Your response has been heart-warming, and you have inspired me to continue to provide you, the local community, with monthly exhibitions. Your encouragement via emails, phone calls and through face masks has created a magic community connection.

I'm always open to assisting, advising or conversing with you. Please continue to feel free to reach out.

220301 The Birth of Rokeby
The Birth of Rokeby Venus (Homage to Velazquez) 
60cm (W) x 45cm (H)
Acrylic paint on canvas (Framed)
220301 Covered Domain
Covered Domain
119cm (W) x 106cm (H)
Gouache and chalk pastel on paper (Framed)
220301 The Well of the Worlds
The Well of the World’s End (Homage to Titian’s Danae)
131cm (W) x 108cm (H)
Gouache and chalk pastel on paper (Framed)
220301 The Fountain of Love
The Fountain of Love (Homage to Francois Boucher) 
91cm (W) x 85cm (H)
Gouache and chalk pastel on paper
220301 The Rokeby Venus
The Rokeby Venus Gazing at the TV (Homage to Velazquez) 
72cm (W) x 54cm (H)
Gouache and chalk pastel on paper (Unframed)

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